• To retail pharmacy market: GirishGPO is building a network to reach out to up to 25,000 independent pharmacies throughout the country. This kind of network is possible as GirisGPO expects to have up to 300 committed Virtual Virtual Distributors.
  • Government contracts: GirishGPO team has a lot of expertise in sales to the government. GirishGPO can take advantage of MBE/WBE status. There is ample market in this area.
  • Wholesale/distribution/chain drug store market: GirishGPO team has over 30 years of experience in this area.

Please contact : Sadia Fatima (info@GirishGPO.com)

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GirishGPO is the culmination of the founder’s 30+ years of experience in, and understanding of, the generic Rx distribution industry. As he navigated the industry, Girish Ray, president and CEO, came to realize that small, independent pharmacies are increasingly being taken advantage of by insurance companies...

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