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Girish Ray

President & CEO

Girish Ray has a vast variety of experience both in business and the pharmaceutical industry. He Owned and Operated Dawn Pharmaceuticals from May 1986 until October of 2008. Dawn Pharmaceuticals used to be a Generic Medication Virtual Distributor, having distribution centers in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Since then Incorporated Boccee Drug Wholesale in Illinois, UGR Wholesale in New Jersey.

In 2009, Girish Ray started a Greenhouse Operation and currently owns a Direct; a company based on agriculture involved production, as well as Sales and Marketing of Green Garlic, Tropical Fruits and Vegetables for Ethnic markets. Mr, Ray is currently in operation of setting up Glenview Pharma Inc. a private label manufacturer based out of Chicago, Illinois and of course GirishGPO, The GPO of GPO's.

“A leader who knows how to help people become their best”

Girish Ray
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Aashi Bhatia

Business Development & Sales

Aashi with a 17 years experience as a Purchase Manager for the Universal Drug Agency (a pharmaceutical raw material importers and traders) in India. She has worked in sales with Dawn Pharmaceuticals in New York while in the United States. For the past 2 years, she has been working with GirishGPO.

She is entitled to maintain relations with the national and regional buyers, sellers and wholesalers in the pharma industry. With a long expeience in pharma industry and her undisputed commitment to the company she is committed to bring the best of all.

Nisha Tabassum

Lead Sourcing Consultant

Nisha Tabassum works as a Lead Sourcing Consultant at GirishGPO. She has completed her Bachelors in Pharmacy from Hyderabad, India​,​ and Masters in Biotechnology from University in California.​ currently doing MBA university of P.A.

She has previously worked in Boccee Drug Wholesale for 6 years. She has best analytical ability where she was involved in pricing. She has an art by which she determines an appropriate price for a drug by considering so many different elements which involves formulas and factors. In order to establish the best price for a single product lot of analysis is carried and is compared “apple to apple”.

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Asaf Shamsi

A pharmaceutical industry professional who has worked in senior-level corporate positions, and as an independent consultant based in North America and India for clients in USA, Canada, Europe, India, China, Latin America, Africa etc., representing their interests in worldwide markets and health regulatory agencies.

Over 34 years of experience in global regulatory affairs, cGXP auditing, quality systems, compliance management, conceptualization, design and set-up of state-of-the-art manufacturing, testing and R&D facilities, strategic planning, business development, and international trade in the “regulated” as well as emerging (ROW) markets

Personal contacts in international markets, and extensive experience in interacting with health regulatory agencies in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, India, China, Latin America, Africa as well as the WHO (Geneva).

Sadia Fatima

Technical Specialist

Sadia received her Masters in Pharmaceutics and is pursuing another masters degree in the Information system. With GirishGPO she is undergoing her curricular practical training.

She is working closely with the main operations of the company as a Main Administrator. Her core responsibility is working with Mr. Girish Ray in the field of sourcing so we get you the best price possible. In addition, another of her main objectives is working with the marketing team in specific areas both locally to your potential regions and domestically within the United States.

Becoming better every day is my goal - Sadia Fatima

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Aarti Singh

Public Relation

Arti Singh runs our Public Relations department for GirishGPO. She has Master’s degree in Journalism & Mass Communications. Before working here at GirishGPO, Arti had worked in the media industry (news/broadcasting) for 8 years in India.

She worked in Aaj Tak (Number-1 News Channel in India) as a producer for 5 years. After, she switched to a different news channel (News Express) and worked with them for 2 years. In News Express, Arti was a lead-producer & anchored prime-time entertainment shows.

Arti succeeded in communication, being people-friendly, customer service, and most of all journalism. We see Arti as an extremely passionate, incredibly optimistic, a dedicated woman who will take up any responsibility with the upmost enthusiasm.

Ms Ashima Washington

Investor PR

Not only is Ashima a model, actress, a producer of short films, a television show host, a panelist,and an air hostess, she is also a charismatic Christian writer and a leader within the Taj Hotel Group. With her passion to learn new things and her desire to grow in knowledge and experiences, she is the epitome of creativity and innovation.

In addition to her wide array of experiences and extrordinary people skills, her utilization of her gifts and talents has given her the ability to be patient, calm, and organized during high stress situations that deal with complicated negotiations and people with high demands.

Ashima loves to meet new people and would be delighted to talk or offer assistance. Please do not hasitate to approach her, even if its just to say hello.

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gaurang shukla

Gaurang Shukla

Project Coordinator

Gaurang Shukla is a dynamic professional having background of pharmaceutical drugs & formulations marketing for more than 30 years. He has an exclusive experience with multi-levels dealership chain. Over and above the pharmaceuticals, he has wide ranging hold over marketing of Clinical Practice and technical marketing of Medical Diagnostics.

He has been at various corporate positions viz. Zonal Manager, Vice-President, and Chief Executive Officer in pharmaceutical and allied fields in the past. Presently he is busy streamlining the Coordination between various corporate projects at our head office.

Gaurang Shukla is a Management and Science graduate from The University of Bombay. He is actively pursuing the hobbies in sports, music, literature, and travelling. He remains a firm task master but easy to get along being an active people person.

About Us

GirishGPO is the culmination of the founder’s 30+ years of experience in, and understanding of, the generic Rx distribution industry. As he navigated the industry, Girish Ray, president and CEO, came to realize that small, independent pharmacies are increasingly being taken advantage of by insurance companies...

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