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Automated teller machines in commercial establishments benefit both the owners and their customers. Our company has served customers nationwide for over 22 years and received several awards for outstanding ATM service and support.

Epic Payment Systems can help you establish merchant accounts for Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, in any business type – Retail, E-Commerce, Service, Home Based, or Mail/Telephone orders. We also offer POS systems for both restaurants and retail.



Epic Payment Systems specializes in personalized customer service. We give you the
ability to accept all major credit cards in any type of business! Plus, we guarantee to

have the lowest prices for equipment, software, and processing.

  1. No Hidden Fees
  2. Quick Approval & Setup
  3. Check Guarantee
  4. E-Commerce Solutions
  5. Business & Financial Services
  6. Check Conversion
  7. Check Authentication
  8. Customized Gift Cards
  9. ACH/Automated
  10. Payments Recurring Payment


Whether you own a Pharmacy, Convenience Store, Gas Station, Hotel/Motel, or Liquor Store, the wall mounted ONYXw will save you space and create an additional revenue stream. Special GirishGPO pricing on the ONYXw turnkey package. ATM ships fully programmed with a wireless modem and includes shipping. The operator loads the cash and keeps 90% of the surcharge.


  1. Onyx Wall Mounted ATM
  2. Bitcoin ATM
  3. Debit Networks

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