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GirishGPO has embarked upon a mission fueled by visionary ideas from its founder, Girish Ray. Hailing from Chicago, Girish boasts a rich history as both a pharmacy owner and a pharmaceutical distributor. His extensive experience in the pharmaceutical
industry positions him highly among his network of pharmacy owners and industry decision-makers.

Glenview Pharma, Inc. is Girish Ray’s distribution company. Glenview Pharma offers cost-effective pharmaceutical generics, and the services of healthcare facilities to empower affiliated independent pharmacies throughout the USA. This profound insight has enabled independent pharmacy owners to maximize profits and ultimately, elevate consumer satisfaction.

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Our principle, M/s INDIGO MGMT GROUP offers Working Capital and equipment funding for pharmacies, Business Line of Credit, and On-Demand-Working Capital. Our funding principle also provides a variety of loans that includes facility repairs, remodeling, resource hiring, as well as business expansion and debt
consolidation for member pharmacies.


Need a custom website? Obtain a customized business
website complete with an interactive landing page, telemedicine integration, product showcases, live chat, and e-commerce capabilities. Enjoy access to your business blog network and local SEO marketing for enhanced online presence. Your website also comes equipped with Microsoft Office 365 and drop-shipping features. For more information.

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Need fast cash within 48 hours? GirishGPO has established
a partnership with 80088LOANS, providing swift financing at reduced rates. Interested in learning more? Reach out to
[email protected] today!


  1. Credit Union Partnership
  2. RDS Services
  3. P2P Services
  4. IV Solution
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